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Sigismondo d’Este – Single room

The last-born of Ercole and of Eleonora of Aragon, he grew up at the court of Ferrara.  To the opposite of Ferrante and Giulio d’Este, he never tried to oppose his the brothers Alfonso and Ippolito, but or rather lived in their shadow


Beatrice d’Este – Double room

Married Ludovico the Dark and become the Duchess of Milan.  Great lover of the arts, and of music in particolar, she embodied the renaissance ideal of the Italian princess.


Giulio d’Este – Double room    

Giulio, natural son of Ercole, conspired with Ferrante to overthrow the brothers Alfonso and Ippolito.  The conspiracy was discovery and the two were imprisoned in the Tower of the Lions of the Castle of Ferrara.


Ferrante d’Este – Double room

Ferrante, second born of Ercole, loved to spend dissolutely. Joined the brother Giulio in in a conspiracy against Alfonso e Ippolito,  in an attempt to to take the throne.


Ippolito I d’Este – Double room

Third born of Ercole I, he was destined since birth to an ecclesiastical career. Patron of the arts, he was a well-known patron and protector of the poet Ludovico Ariosto. To him is dedicated “L’Orlando Furioso”.


Lucrezia d’Este – Double room

Natural daughter of Ercole I d’Este, she married Annibale II Bentivoglio, a noble man of Bologna. The wedding was celebrated with large splendor.


Alfonso I d’Este – Double room

Succeded to his father Ercole in 1505.  With him the dukedom continued its dynamic development in politics and its artistic and cultural growth.  He married Lucretia Borgia in seconds wedding.


Isabella d’Este – Triple room

Woman of geat intelligence, taste and love for the arts, she became lady of Mantua by marrying Francesco Gonzaga.  She successfully governed the dukedom, after her husband was captured by the Venetians.

Rates 2016Euro
Single Room50,00 - 80,00
Double Room70,00 - 100,00
Triple Room100,00 - 130,00

City Tax: € 1,50/night per adult guest (for the first 5 nights)

Double use to Single: € 10 extra charge per night on Single Room rate
Bed/Cradle: € 10 extra charge

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