Ferrara and its territory

The city

Ferrara carries the important cultural heritage of the Renaissance, when thanks to the rule of the Este Dynasty it grew to become an artistic and academic center of Europe, including personalities such as the poets Ludovico Ariosto and Torquato Tasso.
The old town is the most tangible evidence of a glorious past carefully preserved, so much that Ferrara and its territory have been awarded the prestigious honour of being included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.
It’s charming to still breathe and admire nowadays the old splendour of that era, for example visiting the Este Castle (Castello Estense), the Cathedral, the Diamond Palace (Palazzo dei Diamanti), so called for the particular shape of the decorations on its facades and now location for prestigious exhibitions; or the Schifanoia Palace, the Palace of Ludovico il Moro, which hosts the Archeological Museum, and the Certosa.
It is really captivating to visit Ferrara’s Jewish sites with the Ghetto, the Synagogues and the Jewish Cemetery, as well as enjoy a relaxing stroll through the many urban parks.


Ferrara offers an extensive number of tempting events, among which the evocative historical horse race Palio di San Giorgio (in May) and its correlated ceremonies such as the flag wavers contest, the historical procession and the solemn oath of the districts. Ferrara also hosts musical events, such as Ferrara Sotto le Stelle (in July) and Ferrara Buskers Festival (in August), and the important festivals dedicated to kites and balloons Vulandra (in April) and Ferrara Balloons Festival (in September).
Last but not least, the spectacular fireworks of the “Castle on Fire” on New Year’s Eve are a unique and unforgettable way to welcome the New Year in Ferrara.

Territory and surroundings

The area surrounding Ferrara offers many opportunities to enjoy the riches of its historical, artistic and natural treasures: one can discover the many pleasure palaces of the Este Dynasty (Delizie Estensi), or the lagoon town of Comacchio with its famous Trepponti Bridge or the Pomposa Abbey.
Nature lovers should not miss the chance to visit the great woods of Mesola (Bosco della Mesola), the lagoon scenery of Valli di Comacchio and the Natural Park of the Po Delta (Parco Delta del Po), which can be fully explored thanks to the boat tours departing from various locations.
Those who love to relax and sunbathe by the seaside will definitely enjoy a stay on the Adriatic Coast, on the seven beaches of Lidi Ferraresi.

Bicycle Tourism

Ferrara is an accessible, citizen-friendly town. In fact, it is often referred to as “The City of Bicycles”, due to the widespread use of alternative means of transportation. This habit, together with a rising appreciation by the visitors, has led to the realization of numerous cycle tracks, from the simplest within the city to the most challenging that spread throughout the entire territory of Ferrara arriving up to the Po River Delta.
The Agriturismo Delizia d’Este, situated right next to the cycle track that connects Ferrara to the Po river (”Itinerario cicloturistico Destra Po”), is therefore an excellent starting point for discovering the city or enjoying relaxing excursions on the river banks.