Located just a few minutes away from the medieval downtown of Ferrara, well known for its artistic and culture history, the Delizia d’Este estate is an agritourism enterprise offering a wide variety of traditional and innovative services.

This farm holiday enterprise is situated in the Northern site of the city, about 5 Km from the center, right by the banks of the Po river, within the so called “Parco Urbano”, an area comprised by the city walls and the Po river.

Once hunting grounds for the Estensi family, the purpose of this territory was both fun and entertainment but also serving as an extension to the defense system of the city, today “Parco Urbano” is part of an environmental requalification project the objective of which is the creation of a green area providing recreational and leisure services such as small lakes, walking paths, biking paths, golf courses, swimming pools and other initiatives still under development.